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Your New Smart Money Pocket Companion!

Knowing where your money is going and setting easy budgets around your savings goals are finally made easy.

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Currently available in Kenya only*
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Meet Alvin


Alvin automatically tracks your expenses and manages a budget for you based on your savings goals.

Get set up in 2 minutes

Get a tailored budget based on your savings goals and income. No KRA pin required.

Convenient support

Get friendly budget alerts without having to remember to check your Alvin App.

Powerful analytics

Get insights on your spending compared to past months as well as others like you.

Your Wants based on your income.A beautiful overview of your day to day expensesYour Essentials based on your income.

Automated budgeting for Africa

No more manually inputting every transaction into an app or having to estimate your budget day to day.
Expense tracking

Alvin automatically registers your MPESA transactions so you don't have to.

Custom spend limits

Daily vs. Weekly spend limits to know how much you can spend while still staying on track toward your goals.

Know how you're spending by category

Alvin categorizes transactions automatically based on your preferences and delivers friendly budget alerts.
Alvin keeps track for you

Alvin remembers your categorization selections by merchant. When a category gets low, Alvin will let you know so you don't have to remember to check!

Your Going Out category based on your budgetYour recent M-Pesa transactionsCustom budget threshold alerts
Achieved Alvin savings goal stateYour Alvin savings goalsAlvin Spend More Responsibly goal

Track your savings goal progress

See your progress over time toward your savings goal and get rewarded for staying on track.
Support to save

Plug in your existing savings schedule or set up a money market fund savings account through Alvin (Alvin Savings Accounts coming soon!).

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The personal finance app designed for Africa

It was too hard to know what your budget should look like in order to stay on track toward your savings goals. So we fixed it :) Welcome to the world of easy personal finance.
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Alvin app showing the overview tab

Hear what others are saying...

“I love Alvin! It has made money tracking so easy for me because I couldn't explain where my money was being spent on for the longest time. I am now able to automatically know if I am sticking to my budget and goals. It truly helps me to be accountable.” 

Emily G.
,an Alvin user

“Alvin is a great app for budgeting on the go..no need for spreadsheets...yey 😁.” 

, an Alvin user